We are all unique in so many ways, including our shape, size, and structure. A custom bra is made from the measurements that make you unique. Unlike ready-to-wear bras, where you are fit into an existing bra, a custom bra is fit to you. Over 80% of women wear an improperly fitting bra. When it comes to your bra, we want it to fit you. No more pulling or gapping fabric. No more pinching wires. No more uncomfortable straps. We listen to your complaints about bras that you have worn, and we will work with you to achieve the best fit in your undergarments. Your measurements are taken by a supportive, sensitive, and professionally trained bra maker, who then drafts a pattern and bra to fit you. Now comes the fun part! You decide how your bra is going to look, based on hundreds of fabrics, laces, and other embellishments. Whether you are in search of a basic everyday bra, something to wear to the gym, or  something for a special occasion, we are here to "support" you. We will look at various fabrics and color options to determine the perfect bra for you. Your bras are drafted, constructed, and detailed in sunny Los Angeles, CA.​

our products

our Products


​​​​​​​​Custom Made bras and lingerie for your unique size and shape