I love my bra. I can wear it under my work shirt, feel sexy, and nobody knows. I show my friends how beautiful it is every chance I get.

-EB from Oregon

This is exactly what I was looking for. I wore it under my white silk blouse​ and felt great.

-TB from Oregon

​I've never had a bra that fit me, that wasn't padded. Thank you for making something so beautiful for me.

​-AM from Oregon

​Thanks for my new bra and panties. I love them! I really appreciate all your expertise, care, sensitivity, and artistry!

-CP from Oregon

I don't think I've worn anything that fit me this well in my entire life.

​-BF from Washington

​Thank you for the beautiful work. They [bras] are masterpieces.

​-LS from Massachusetts

You have ruined ready-to-wear for me. I will only be buying custom bras from here on out.

-AR from Massachusetts

I have never seen a bra fit my wife this well in our entire relationship. Thank you for making this happen for her.

-NB from Maine