What sizes do you sell?

*We do not sell ready-to-wear bras- YET. We make bras that are customized to your unique measurements. Your bra is your size. We do have a ready-to-wear line in the works, which we will begin selling on our website in 2019. 

Can I send my measurements?

*We used to only meet clients in person, but due to several requests, we now offer remote fittings. These are conducted via FaceTime or Skype. Please contact us for more details.

What can I expect in a fitting?

*Our professionally trained bra maker will take several measurements necessary for drafting your custom bra. We will discuss the styles that flatter your figure the best, and you will have a chance to look through pictures to see how different styles, fabric, and color combinations will look.

How honest can I be about my current bra issues?

*As honest as you want to be. The more we know about your needs and wants in a bra, the better we are at creating a pattern and determining best fit for your bra. Any personal information that you divulge in a fitting will remain confidential.

I've had a mastectomy. Can you make custom mastectomy bras?

*Absolutely! You made it past the hardest part, and you deserve a beautiful bra for the beautiful person you are. It does take time for the body to heal following your treatment, so please wait at least 6 months after your surgery/radiation/chemotherapy treatments are finished.

How long does it take?

*It depends on how many clients we are working with at a given time. It could take between 2 and 4 weeks. If you need a bra by a specific date, let us know at the time you contact us to schedule a fitting. 

What will my bra look like?

*That is entirely up to you and your imagination. The bra is customized to you, so you get to decide on fabrics, colors, and the overall appearance of your bra. We will discuss styles that flatter your figure and all of the options for those styles, so don't worry if you are unsure about what you want before your first fitting. We have several fabric samples and combinations that we are happy to show you during your consultation. And if you want us to make all of the decisions, we are happy to do that, as well.

I have a latex allergy. Is it possible to make a bra without latex?

*Yes, I have several elastics that are latex-free, specifically for someone with a latex allergy or sensitivity.

Are your bras made locally?

*Absolutely! They are made in our sewing studio right here in Los Angeles, CA.

Can you make panties to match my custom bra?

*Of course!

If I want to buy a custom bra for a loved one, how do I go about doing that?

*What a lovely thought. I will need to fit your loved one, either in person or through a remote fitting video call, but I would be happy to discuss gift card options with you.

My question isn't up here. 

*No worries. Go to our contact page, and type in your question or email us directly, and we would be happy to answer it for you.

What is your pricing?

*Because each undergarment is customized for you, prices will vary. The initial consultation and first fitting is $50, due at the time of the fitting. If you decide to go forward with the process and purchase a custom bra, that $50 will go toward the total cost of your bra. Bra prices start at $225 and may increase based on fabric, embellishments, and style choices. Up to three fittings, after the initial consultation/fitting, are included in the price of your bra. If additional fittings are requested, they are an extra $35 each. You can also find more information on our pricing page.

Is the price the same if purchase more bras?

*Once we are happy with the pattern and fit of your first bra, AND your body has no major changes from the time of the initial purchase, each additional bra will have a starting price of $185. Again, prices may increase depending on fabric, embellishments, and style choices.